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Tired of feeling alone? Inadequate? Far from God?

Bad Christian Moms exists to help you use the mundane misery of motherhood to reawaken the joy of your salvation.


The Fellowship is an online community of gospel-hungry, drama-free mamas that exists to provide you with real moms, real friendships, real problems and real feedback.


The Bad Christian Moms library of courses is designed to teach you how to untangle the confusion, chaos and isolation occurring in your heart, mind and daily life so that you can enjoy Jesus, enjoy your family, enjoy your "one wild and precious" life.


Large group, small group and 1:1 coaching is available to help you figure out what exactly is the problem and what needs to be done about it.

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Is being a mom turning out to be way harder than you thought? 

Yeah, me too.

It’s devastating to discover parts of yourself you didn’t know were there until your kids, the people you love most in the world, bring out the worst in you. The resentment, the rage, the sheer boredom, the irritation, anger, wonder how it’s affecting them. Are you ruining them? Will your marriage survive? Will your mental health survive? You’ve got a decent husband and healthy kids, why are you still so miserable?

Where do all the promises of God come into play? Why isn’t he answering your prayers and making you a better mom? How does the gospel apply to all of this?


My friend, your brokenness, sin and struggle, the very thing you think is ruining your kids, may actually hold the secret to rediscovering the joy of your salvation. And from there, change and growth, freedom and joy, will spiral outward, blessing your children with a more patient mom, a humble mom, a joyful mom.


Are you sick of hearing yourself snap at your kids?

Do you lie in bed at night wondering why you get so triggered and why Jesus doesn't seem to be doing anything about it?

Are you afraid your reactions are driving a wedge between you and your precious loved ones?

Sweet mama, come join your people here at Bad Christian Moms and learn some new perspectives and tools to help you get out of that muck so you can actually enjoy your kids before they're grown and gone.

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